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E-learning contains three parts. Part 1 is an online portion purchased separately and taken by the student on their computer. Part 2 is the skills practice that is completed at ABC Educators. Part 3 is skills testing that is completed at ABC Educators. 

Skills practice sessions allow students one-on-one time with an AHA instructor to receive feedback, ask questions, and ensure confidence in performing skills.

When signing up for a class, the course fee includes part two and three. Part 1 can be purchased through Laerdal http://www.laerdal.com/us/heartcodebls or WorldPoint http://www.worldpoint.com/en/Products/American-Heart-Association/E-Learning/AHA-HeartCode-BLS-2015_-_15-1400/#.WNAri_nyvIU prior to completing part 2 and 3. You will received your card after successfully completing all three parts. 

Part 1 MUST be completed prior to completing part 2 and 3. The date you select will be the date you come to ABC Educators for part 2 and 3. Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and receipt.